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Portmarnock Beach

Portmarnock beach is five miles long and stretches all the way from Malahide beach to Baldoyle. From the shore you can enjoy beautiful views of Howth Harbour and the Dublin mountains. Looking straight out you can clearly see Lambay Island to the left and Ireland's Eye to the right. Portmarnock Beach is a popular viewing point for watching yachts racing.

There is a lovely sea-view walk which takes you into the village of Malahide. In Portmarnock you will find two National landmarks, The Martello Tower and The Kiosk, which is one of only three in all of Ireland. The Kiosk is right at the beach entrance and hugely popular for beach snacks during the summer months.

Portmarnock beach became the focus of world attention in the early ninteen hundreds when on June twenty third 1930, Kingsford Smith and his crew crossed the the Alantic ocean from east to west in the now famous aircraft, "The Southern Cross". The crew decided that Portmarnock beach offered a better site for take off. Crowds came from near and far as many as ten thousand people to watch this historic moment. The Souhtern Cross took off at four in the morning. The guards were out in force to control the celebration which continued long after the plane had taken off.


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