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Feature rich online business promotion

CityLocal franchisees are specialist "Local Business Promoters"s. They work closely with local businesses and lift their profile within the community and put them in touch with their customers, the local public.

The online business listing that they offer is rich in features and works in perfect synergy with the offline business promotion strategies that are used.

Below is an example business listing detailing the 10 great features that a business can have on their CityLocal business profile.

  1. Unlimited business description

    There is as much space as required for businesses to have unlimited amount of text to describe their business, their products or their services.

  2. Business Logo

    Businesses can have their logo or image at the top of their business profile.

  3. TV Style Video Commercials

    Business can choose to upload videos of their business if they have one. If they don't, our franchisees can offer high quality and professionally created 30second TV style adverts to bring their listing to life.

  4. Enhanced business reviews

    Our franchisees work closely with local business to capture some of the great things that their satisfied customers have to say about their business and have this published on the business listing. There is nothing more powerful than testimonials from local customers.

  5. Businesses can be listed in multiple categories

    The business owner can decide which categories they want to be listed in to make it easier for their listing to be found.

  6. Email link and web link.

    Businesses can receive emails that are sent directly from the site without the user having to open up their own email programme. Businesses can also have a direct website link allowing visitors to click straight onto their website.

  7. Owner profile

    The business owner has the option to personalise their business listing by adding their personal profile alongside their business listing.

  8. Picture Slide Show

    An unlimited amount of pictures can be uploaded to the listing for visitors to view in a slide show. These pictures could be images of products that they supply or even photos of their premises.

  9. Printable Money Saver Voucher

    Businesses can choose to have printable special offer vouchers on their listing. Customers love special offers and businesses can change these offers as often as they want to keep visitors coming back.

  10. Map to locate business premises

    The business is plotted on a map so that it can be found easily. The business can also be viewed in 'Google Street View'.

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