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100% FREE Pilates classes in Summer

Start date: 4th April 2016 until 27th August 2016

We re-start our FREE Pilates classes with Pace Pilates that have proven to be a success in summer 2015!

Come and join us for open air classes. All levels are welcome!

Register your interest and get notifications about WHEN and WHERE: http://www.eventbrite.ie/e/100-free-pilates-classes-in-summer-tickets-24176009094

Follow the updates on Facebook: https://http://www.facebook.com/events/1659391940973269/

The admission to the class is 100% FREE as last year. In case you would like to get a hard copy of Fitness Diary, feel free to get the option with the book and we will bring it over on the day of the class.
What is Fitness Diary? Visit this page to learn more: http://www.pacepilates.eu/fitness-diary/

Contact Name: PacePilates

Contact E-mail: mail@pacepilates.eu

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