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Shape-note Singing Workshop with The Sacred Harp Singers of Cork

Start date: 26th August 2016 until 26th August 2016

Coughlan's, Douglas St.

“If you take American folk melodies, blend them with the harmonies of medieval vocal music, add a driving rhythm, and turn up the volume, you have an approximation of what shape-note music sounds like,” Hal Kunkel.

The Sacred Harp Singers of Cork have been singing four-part harmony music in the American shape-note folk tradition weekly since 2009. The Sacred Harp refers to the human voice and name of the tune book itself, first published in 1844. The shape-note system uses squares, triangles, circles and diamonds to represent notes in the scale to make the music easy to sing for beginners and experienced alike. Unlike conventional choral music, we sing with our full natural voices, for a more powerful and energetic sound.

This tradition would have informed the music of Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, Hank Williams, The Stanley Brothers, all of whom would have grown up singing shape note music.

Contact Name: Amanda

Contact E-mail: corksacredharp@gmail.com

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